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a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls

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Soon after leaving art school, Haring, who died in 1990, began experimenting with graffiti art on the streets of New York and was blown away by the talent of youngsters on the streets.
Left, a workshop over at Holyhead making graffiti art on baseball caps with groups of young people for Mon Communities First.
Before that the graffiti art will be displayed at a series of locations including the Williamson Art Gallery, the Cherry Tree Centre and Vale Park Cafe.
Even a restaurant developer visited the showcase, looking for graffiti art for a restaurant's large, 20-by-30-foot walls, according to Power.
Our goal is to bring the community together to celebrate the unique self-expression of graffiti art and music," says Jamieson Ranch President, Bill Leigon.
Supporters of public art in New York City, ownership collaborated with Art Battles to bring graffiti art into the recently renovated retail ground floor to showcase the space and ceiling heights.
The pair specialise in wall murals and graffiti art, creating unusual scenes for homes and businesses.
Visitors can enjoy lots of free activities including a bouncy castle, giant slide, arts and crafts, local DJs and music, BMX coaching and demonstrations, football coaching, graffiti art and face painting.
The teenager, who fell to his death as he indulged his passion for graffiti art, only signed up to the NHS Organ Donor Register when he turned 16 in May.
A number of sessions have already been held at the community hub in Gaskell Avenue, South Shields, including graffiti art and photography.
From formless scrawlings on walls in Business Bay to stunning graffiti art in Bastakiya, Dubai is no different to any other cosmopolitan city across the globe.
Calvin Klein has partnered with artist and choreographer Jorge aACAyFabel' Pabon, a respected proponent of the hip hop dance movement and graffiti art, to design a limited edition collection for the brand's ck one Shock fragrance bottle.
The event featured at the Beirut Art Center Wednesday evening at the opening of the White Wall exhibition, highlighting graffiti art.
EAST met west as refugee children performed a traditional dance at the public unveiling of their graffiti art on Tyneside.
ART: Coun Jim O'Boyle with youngsters who have created a graffiti art work