Graf Zeppelin

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a large rigid dirigible designed to carry passengers or bombs


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But why should a chap from Vauxhall's car plant, in Ellesmere Port, be so interested in the Graf Zeppelin, which had been launched by Hella von Brandstein-Zeppelin, daughter of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin (1838-1917), designer of the airship?
More than half a century after it mysteriously disappeared, the Graf Zeppelin was recently rediscovered by the Polish oil company Petrobaltic in the Baltic Sea near Gdansk.
The journey will mark the first time a Zeppelin airship has ever barnstormed across the nation; the Graf Zeppelin flew from Los Angeles to Lakehurst, N.
However he did leave a staggering football CV, including first major successes for both Town and Arsenal via the FA Cup, the former beating Preston to lift the trophy at Stamford Bridge in 1922 and the latter defeating Town in the famous Graf Zeppelin final at Wembley in 1930.
The Graf Zeppelin had hovered over Wembley to watch the Cup Final.
Years later, looking out of my back bedroom from our house in Morden, I saw the German airship Graf Zeppelin, with a swastika on its tail.
His narrative follows the development as well as the peaceful and military activities of the ships Graf Zeppelin, Viktoria Luise, Los Angeles, and the pre-crash Hindenburg.
1929: The airship Graf Zeppelin completed a historic round-the-world trip, 21 days, seven hours and 26 minutes after taking off.
The LZ 129 Hindenburg and her sister-ship, LZ 130 Graf Zeppelin II, were the two largest aircraft ever built.
Many will remember the roar of the R100 airship and later another airship, the German Graf Zeppelin, which flew over without permission, causing quite a stir in Government circles.
In 1928, Germany's luxury airship, the Graf Zeppelin, was launched.
And if that wasn't enough, Graf Zeppelin will be landing at Nuneaton on Sunday night.
SEPTEMBER 27 - Nixon, the Graf Zeppelin of fliers, says Martin O'Neill wants to sign Stan Collymore from Leicester.
1938: Maiden flight of world's largest airship, the Graf Zeppelin.
In 1929, the German dirigible Graf Zeppelin hovered over the hotel before landing nearby; its passengers and crew stayed at the Biltmore, and the airship's commissary was replenished from the Biltmore kitchen.