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United States evangelical preacher famous as a mass evangelist (born in 1918)

United States dancer and choreographer whose work was noted for its austerity and technical rigor (1893-1991)

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Andy Gray and Peter Reid had already had a word with Graeme about it.
Quarter-finals: Harry Seehra 6 Graeme Wilson 21, Gareth Gwilliam 21 Paul Rooks 18, Callum Wraight 21 Mark Ferris 13, Ashley Tattersley 14 Simon Coupe 21.
MacNeil shouted to him to drop his weights, and plunged into the Forth to try to reach Graeme, but was unable to find him.
But the petite singer was so caught up in her whirlwind romance with Graeme she gave up on her musical career to follow him.
Many moons ago I used to talk football with Graeme in the Yellow Rose pub in Linthorpe and found him a very affable fellow minus any airs and graces.
It's because I roam through my practice with various lines of inquiry and using different materials," Graeme explained.
Graeme has now seen 26 consultants, 17 CT scans, had seven MR scans, one PET scan, one ultrasound and 11 operations.
In his first role since Coronation Street, Graeme has returned to Coventry and has been able to film at the football club he has always passionately supported.
Graeme has now been shortlisted for a prestigious Workplace Hero award by the St John Ambulance.
Like most of Graeme Base's stories there are layers here.
On July 31, Graeme will step down as Chairman and member of the board of directors.
Graeme Coutts, chairman of UK-based oil flow technology leader Expro, will retire next month after more than 21 years of working at international oilfield company.
GOLFING hero Graeme McDowell is set for the biggest year of his life - he will make a massive EUR50million in the next 12 months.
Champion jockey McCoy has long been odds-on for the gong, but among the stream of money for other contenders has been a run of bets for England off-spinner Graeme Swann.
GRAEME Croton is celebrating after beating the bullies and winning the Midland award for providing vital support for other Asperger's Syndrome sufferers.