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Synonyms for Graeco-Roman

of or pertaining to or characteristic of the ancient Greek and Roman cultures

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Much work remains to be done, and the state of the evidence is continually evolving, but Bagnall's work issues several thoughtful challenges that should be read and considered by all who study the role of writing in the Graeco-Roman East and beyond.
Guy Rogers reveals in his book, The Mysteries of Artemis of Ephesos: Cult, Polis, and Change in the Graeco-Roman World, how the cult of Artemis at Ephesos endured and inspired Ephesians for half a millennium.
Despite the observations above on the limited coverage of some subject areas, Lloyd's Companion is unrivalled as an up-to-date source for Pharaonic and Graeco-Roman Egyptian history and culture.
I think Atkinson's expert knowledge can be used in the best possible way when applied to 'Historians of Alexander the Great' and their later Roman followers from Lucullus, Pompey and on, the literary genre in itself in the Graeco-Roman letters.
Bonet (17) states that, during the Graeco-Roman period, magic and superstition did not play a significant role in the management of breast cancer.
In Chapter 1, "The Graeco-Roman and Judaeo-Christian Word," Arthos examines the varied (and interrelated) Western interpretations of "word" and logos as the breath of God (in the Hebrew Bible), as Christ the incarnate Word, and as logos in Greek philosophy.
Following the Assyrian Empire and the Persian Empire, the Graeco-Roman Period of Egyptian history began in 332BC when Egypt was conquered by Alexander the Great.
By the Graeco-Roman period, cats as the personification of the goddess Bastet, were deemed to be sacred animals and it was forbidden to remove them from Egypt.
The researchers believe that both manifestations of the cult of Graeco-Roman female goddesses can be dated to the end of the Roman period, but there is no doubt that the residence in which they were found continued to exist even after Christianity triumphed over idolatry.
If only I had eaten soft fruit," observed Galen the Graeco-Roman prince of physicians shortly before he died at the age of 70, which was pretty good for those days, "I would have lived to be a hundred like my father.
Around 150 wrestlers from 16 Mediterranean littoral countries participate in the Graeco-Roman and free wrestling competitions to last at Ahmet Comert Sports Hall for three days.
The high-tech scans also failed to solve a 1,700-year-old murder mystery as a 'metallic' object in the neck of a Graeco-Roman mummy, which historians thought was an arrowhead, was in fact one of three or four fragments - probably metal - lodged in the base of the skull.
This was also the lesson drawn by Paul of Tarsus, who grew up in a Graeco-Roman culture where athletic success was highly prized.
Then we'll settle down to the sport - and for a while we will become absorbed by things of which we know little, such as handball, softball, Yngling, Graeco-Roman wrestling and kieran.
Having said that, his skepticism and materialism push him to do us the service of correcting the historical record: "Long the conventional explanation, the human tidal-wave theory was abandoned in the early years of the last century, however, as new scholarship revealed the first Arab armies to have been dismayingly small--a few thousand at most to conquer Graeco-Roman Syria and fewer than twelve thousand, probably, to occupy Iran.