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any tax in which the rate increases as the amount subject to taxation increases

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Would you prefer a graduated income tax system, in which people
Though the first graduated income tax hit very high earners at only seven percent, by 1921, the effective top rate had been pushed to 73 percent for those earning over $1 million.
But an updated version of the graduated income tax system certainly would apply a rate much higher than 39.
Building upon the achievements of the Progressive movement, including the advent of a graduated income tax, Woodrow Wilson and his congressional allies unleashed a fiscal revolution by funding the Great War with a host of "soak-the-rich" tax laws.
However, amid today's expanding income disparities, we feel that there is a key role to be played by the ''effects of income redistribution'' (higher taxes on the wealthy for allocation to the needy), which is an approach that would be realized through a graduated income tax scheme.
We should eliminate all taxes except a graduated income tax based on ability to pay.
The graduated income tax brackets actually provide a definition of small business.
Graduated income tax rates and income transfer programs create piecewise-linear budget constraints that consist of budget segments and kink points.
Did you know if the Rochelle-Head graduated income tax were passed, and if it were legally challenged, the sales tax would immediately increase by 1.
In regard to individual taxes, a common argument is that the sales tax is regressive and graduated income tax is fairer.
If states are worried about losing revenue from Internet customers, there's an easy solution: Repeal the sales taxes and get the money from a steeply graduated income tax.
In 1900, the Labour Party called for a graduated Income Tax and useful work for the unemployed.
Shlaes also shows how our graduated income tax system, in which marginal rates rise with income, imposes an often large penalty when two earners get married.
Polls show majority support for basic progressive issues: universal health care, restraint on corporations, a graduated income tax, increased spending on public education, and fundamental campaign finance reform.
would eliminate the current, graduated income tax on families and businesses and replace it with a sir ale rate or net federal tax on individuals in a city and businesses.
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