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a school in a university offering study leading to degrees beyond the bachelor's degree

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Each year, the Graduate Studies Symposium showcases the high quality and diversity of graduate-level research at Assumption College,'' said Professor Leonard Doerfler, Ph.
For some of the smaller universities with few graduate programs and few resources available for dedicated work with graduate students, programming is minimal: typically student service units offer some workshops or special guidance for graduate students focusing on work-readiness skills, and these offerings are supplemented by occasional specialized programming on the part of individual faculties or the graduate studies sector.
Graduate studies and research is accorded priority within UAEU's strategic planning programmes.
When the contest ends, each student enrolled in the winning program will receive prizes from Dunkin' Donuts and the title of “IUP Graduate Studies Madness Champion.
It will help in meeting the needs of the country and make the university more vibrant," he said, adding that there would be eight faculty members for the graduate studies and the whole course would last for 18 months.
During the workshop Kafawein presented scientific papers on graduate studies and research capacity at the faculty.
We are glad to begin this special edition with an interview with the most recent and consistent scholar to produce research on graduate studies within Africana Studies, Stephanie Y.
Poet, philosopher, Bahai theologist, and English literature graduate studies director John S.
I have been impressed by CLU's commitment to excellence in undergraduate and graduate studies, the high-quality faculty and students, its strong sense of tradition and community and its very evident potential for growth and greatness.
Remarkably, Coe's graduate studies led to a stint as a Central Intelligence Agency case officer in Taiwan.
She went on to hold the positions of associate dean of the school of graduate studies and research; acting vice-principal of research, and dean of graduate studies and research; vice-principal of research; and vice-principal, academic.
Beaty is finishing her graduate studies in public communication at American University, and Foxx is a 2005 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in communication/English.
military services offer a variety of technical training and professional military education programs as well as graduate studies and specialized education and training programs.
He pursued graduate studies at American University, UCLA, the Naval War College and Brookings Institution.
Contact Name/Title: Judy Strand, Coordinator of Graduate Studies
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