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one-hundredth of a right angle


a person who has received a degree from a school (high school or college or university)

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Of the female graduates, the largest percentage (29) held jobs in retail sales while 24 percent of the male grads worked at restaurant jobs.
For seven weeks (April 10 through May 22), 40 Grad Night requests will be randomly picked each Friday and only those requests drawn will be honored.
With every guide ordered, grads receive a free membership offering special savings on expenses most of them will now be paying out of their own pockets, including cell phones, free music downloads, eye exams, dental care, movie tickets, travel, camping and RVs, long distance calls, and flowers.
To make this "million-dollar difference" really pay off, O'Brien suggested grads follow five simple financial rules:
After the ceremony, Valencia grads will report back to campus by 10 p.
Grad missiles, which were a main element in the destruction of Grozny a year ago, are the opposite of precision weapons.
com/topemployers, are hiring as many as 6500 new grads and as few as 10.
The AfterCollege Blue Book is handed out in class by nursing faculty and deans as a resource to assist the nursing students and recent grads in preparing for their first job.
Like a lot of the Valley College grads, Powers said she had no hesitation in sending her own kids to junior college before they went on to graduate from four-year universities.
Even the littlest grads will be able to take "Mavis Beacon" home, when "Mavis Beacon's Adventures(R) -- Typing for Kids(R)" becomes available this June.
Photo: (1 -- color) George Harris, the first principal of Hart High, is reunited with '49 grads.
This spring and summer moms, dads and grads will all agree that candy is a fun gift to give -- and to receive.