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a crossing that uses an underpass or overpass

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5 km road, from Faizabad to Koral Chowk, would be rehabilitated with the addition of grade separated facility while service roads on either side would also be dualized and rehabilitated.
During the second phase existing five lanes would be rehabilitated with the addition of grade separated facility and service roads on either sides would be dulaized and rehabilitated while third phase 04 lanes on each carriageway with grade separated facility would be constructed.
The Orangeline High Speed Rail System is a high speed, environmentally friendly, grade separated transit system designed to link cities, foster sustainable land-use development, reduce traffic and alleviate air pollution.
It would have been detached from the existing highway network with grade separated junctions.
But a Department for Transport spokesman insisted there was "no back tracking from the Government's commitment to the Grade Separated Junction on the A66 at Long Newton".
Most of these issues were anticipated when the concept of multiple busways was first suggested in an op-ed piece in the Daily News in 1996, followed by the adoption into the Regional Transportation Plan for a comprehensive 40-plus-mile busway system throughout the Valley, grade separated from the rest of the traffic.
Therefore, rather than build an at-grade crossing, a new overpass, or a temporary railroad bridge, engineers decided to construct a different type of grade separated crossing using two vehicle tunnels carrying multiple lanes of traffic passing through the existing railroad embankment.
The project will construct a grade separated interchange at the intersection of the Calder Highway and Calder Alternative Highway at Ravenswood and two new freeway carriageways from Bullock Creek to Ravenswood Creek.
During the first phase, the existing three lanes on each side of the project would be replaced with four flexible lanes along with grade separated facility.
Al Watanyiah United Engineering and Contracting Co is carrying out design and construction of grade separated junctions under a OR14mn ($36mn) contract awarded by the Ministry of Transport and Communications in October 2011.
The grade separated interchange will be controlled by traffic signals that will direct traffic from and to Mina Salman Industrial Area through Avenue 42, Al Fateh Highway and Shaikh Isa bin Salman Highway.
Twenty Two (22) projects of transport and communication sector are approved comprising Construction of Northern Bypass from Qasim Bela to Shershah Road Multan Bypass including Grade Separated Elevated bridge over railway line 7 N-70 (length 12.
AaFrom there they will cycle to Lythrodontas , Mathiatis, Sia, Mosfiloti, Psevdas, Ayia Anna, Kalo Chorio, Kalo Chorio grade separated junction and finally to the Fire Department traffic lights, a total of 42 kilometres.
l The up-gradation work of King Faisal Highway will begin as soon as the required budget is approved, which consists of realigning the King Faisal Highway, construction of grade separated interchanges, two km long underpass, modification of Pearl interchanges etc, the improvements to the King Faisal Highway are being carried out under Manama North Shore Development Programme.
Sandwell Council has chosen Scott Wilson Group to draw up detailed plans for the A41/ A4031 All Saints Way Grade Separated Interchange.