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intersection of a railway and a road on the same level

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Ohio had a 21 percent increase in the number of grade crossing collisions in 2014, which underscores why this train and its message are so important for Ohioans to hear," said Cayela Wimberly, grade crossing safety director at Norfolk Southern.
From 2000 to 2004, the FRA identified 7,490 critical safety defects at grade crossings with automated warning signals, but agency inspectors recommended violations and fines for only 5 percent (347).
The project also will eliminate a handful of hazardous grade crossings on the Air Force base, explained Hughes.
Representatives from the cities of Chicago and Cleveland raised the possibility that, given the density of highway-rail grade crossings in urban areas, trains may have to sound their whistles for an extended amount of time.
Removing the surface was the last step to permanently closing the 69th Street crossing and to eliminating the opportunity for any future grade crossing collisions.
The project is part of the county's 10 years-long effort to form the state's first quiet zone, which means trains won't have to sound their horns close to or at grade crossings.
There would be no grade-crossing danger as there would be no grade crossings.
It also agreed to pay $500,000 to local law enforcement agencies that must provide protection at grade crossings where CSX is unable to fix malfunctioning warning systems within 24 hours.
The proposed rule calls for certain safety upgrades that can be made at highway-rail grade crossings so the state or locality will be in compliance with the regulation and be able to keep a locomotive whistle ban in their community by establishing a "quiet zone".
These measures include the use of four quadrant gates, channelization devices or crossing closures at highway-rail grade crossings, or photo enforcement to deter violators.
This incident illustrates all too well the devastating results that vehicle-train crashes at highway-rail grade crossings can have on families and communities throughout the United States.
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway is working with Texas transport officials to reduce the number of highway-rail grade crossings in the Waco area.
SANTA CLARITA - The city has initiated a traffic safety study at nine local railroad grade crossings as part of an ongoing effort to time signals and ease traffic flow, officials said Thursday.
The effect of such a rule would essentially be to immunize railroads from liability at grade crossings.