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United States comedienne remembered as the confused but imperturbable partner of her husband, George Burns (1906-1964)

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Virtual judging of the Gracies will occur during the two-week period beginning the week of Feb.
com)-- Candice Price, Executive Producer at Urban American Productions is honored to receive her third Gracie Award from The Alliance of Women in Media (AWM).
74), porem, como ja ressaltei anteriormente, a dieta Gracie nao recorre a chancela da medicina para se justificar, mas ao criterio pragmatico, que consiste no sucesso obtido pelos Gracies ao pratica-la.
It was invented by Brazilians, predominantly a family called the Gracies.
In addition to corporate food management services, the firm's holdings included Soup's On, a retailer and wholesale purveyor of high-end soups, whose accounts included such specialty grocers as Balducci's, Burke & Burke, Dean & Deluca, and Gracies Market Place.
Sir Don then paid a visit to Bowes Moor and Gracies Farm near Barnard Castle to discuss the benefits of Higher Level Stewardship Agreements.
Other potential modalities for moderating spasticity include ultrasound and short-wave diathermy, microwave irradiation, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS; Gracies, 2001b).
Rick explains: 'It stemmed from Japanese jiu-jitsu but because the Gracies were so light they worked on how to overcome a bigger man without just using strength and that's how it developed.
Jean-Michel Gracies reported at the annual meeting of the American Neurological Association.
A record 266 federal, state, and local projects were nominated, but only 11 Gracies were awarded.
Legally there is nothing we can do other than to pursue a claim for damaged property as the house does legally belong to the Gracies.
Cook has been recognized with accolades from Emmy, Telly, Grammy, Lulu, Promax Gold Muse, Worldfest, and Gracies Awards.
Il a, notamment, demande le rapatriement des 43 Tunisiens gracies par le regime syrien depuis juin 2013 "et qui croupissent toujours dans les prisons syriennes alors qu'ils ne sont pas accuses de terrorisme", selon ses dires.
000 Algeriens condamnes a mort avaient ete executes par les autorites de l'occupation francaise et 600 autres gracies.
Tout le monde sait la suite de cette affaire ou ces [beaucoup moins que]gangsters[beaucoup plus grand que] ont ete juges et incarceres avant d'etre gracies par des hommes tolerants de la justice.