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United States comedienne remembered as the confused but imperturbable partner of her husband, George Burns (1906-1964)

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Of the appeal's nine signatories, six were presidents of continental bishops' conferences: Gracias of Bombay, India (Asia); Cardinals Peter Erdo of Esztergom-Budapest, Hungary, and Reinhard Marx of Munich (Europe); Cardinal Ruben Salazar Gomez of Bogota, Colombia (Latin America); Archbishop Gabriel Mbilingi of Lubango, Angola (Africa); and Archbishop John Ribat of Port Moreseby, Papua New Guinea (Oceania).
For videos of the Gracias Choir from Korea, see bit.
Gracias insisted that the information was important because of the number of expats living in the UAE.
The non-Vatican officials include Cardinals Francisco Javier Errazuriz Ossa, the retired archbishop of Santiago, Chile; Oswald Gracias, archbishop of Mumbai, India; Reinhard Marx, archbishop of Munich and Freising, Germany; Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya, archbishop of Kinshasa, Congo; Sean Patrick O'Malley, the archbishop of Boston; George Pell, archbishop of Sydney, Australia; and Oscar AndrAes RodrAiguez Maradiaga, archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, who will serve as coordinator.
On a similar note, Cardinal Gracias, 68, said that the person most suited for the responsibility should be elected as the next Pope.
Self-folding offers the potential to revolutionize many areas of medicine and electronics, Gracias says.
Delhi and Mumbai have fresh competitors on the Indian fashion map, the search for flaunt and show designer weeks have decreased in popularity, Manish Malhotra tops the popularity chart while super model Carol Gracias is the most looked- up model.
The five students who scored a perfect 10 CGPA are Aakash Nayankumar Bhatt, Ashish Raj, Mariam Heroena Gracias, Shreyas Kane D'mello and Somasundaram A.
The swirling mass of thunderstorms was centered about 200 km northeast of Cabo Gracias a Dios on the border of Nicaragua and Honduras and had top sustained winds of 65 km per hour, the forecasters said.
Mumbai archbishop Cardinal Gracias will bless the facility.
Coast guard officials intercepted the submarine-like craft off the coast of Honduras near Gracias a Dios.
The men are from Gracias a Dios, a neighborhood located on the edge of town.
On stage at the shopping centre, Aniston said: "Muchas gracias, for coming out and supporting our perfume.
Este vinculo entre sujeto y objeto que se plasma en las ficciones de Salas nos da una idea de la modernidad que se generaba en la Peninsula gracias al incipiente capitalismo que estaba experimentando.
Monitoring took place in 24 protected areas in the departments of Atlantida, Colon, Gracias a Dios, Olancho, Santa Barbara, Yoro, Comayagua, Francisco Morazan, and El Paralso.