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a surgical instrument shaped like a scoop to remove tissue from a bodily cavity


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The Idahone ceramic stone is as effective as the Arkansas stone in achieving cutting edges with few irregularities on Hu-Friedy 11/12 Gracey curets and in achieving equally smooth corresponding root surfaces on extracted human teeth.
The remaining class members have hung up the Columbia and Gracey curets along with their old-fashioned porte polishers to pursue retired living or an alternative vocation.
Gracey curets used during the 1970s enabled greater root planing efficacy in deep pockets and morphologic contours.
Clinicians had previously relied on chisels and hoes to break up heavy ledges of calculus; files and sickles eliminated the bulk of deposit before following with assorted curets and Gracey curets to root plane.
To perform the press-open stroke, the clinician must realize that you no longer open the blade before beginning the stroke, even with the off-set angle of the Gracey curets.