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an embellishing note usually written in smaller size

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The Grace Notes are the traveling group for the Women's Choral Society.
He is also a composer of minimalist electronic music, and there is something distinctly musical about the pace of this story, as Phillips moves it suavely along, developing thematic harmonies here and there, adding grace notes tactfully, modulating its volume, pitch, and timbre.
Grace Notes is especially strong in satire, wit, and ironic observation, perhaps reflecting the satirical penchant of coeditor Paul Lake, author of the powerful political fable Cry Wolf (2008), or, more likely, indicative of the "God's plenty" of subjects for satire in our contemporary culture.
As an example of the clear differences, a pentatonic folksong, sung by well-known Scottish singer Annie Johnstone and also recorded in the early twentieth century, showed no grace notes whatsoever.
It's a delicious tripel, well within style guidelines, but full of subtle grace notes that set it apart.
In Dupre, Mary is seen through artistic representation in various media, with grace notes and interpretation.
And that made me a friend, one day, or at least an acquaintance, because I brought Guy's book there, The Death of Picasso --his bisexual Eden where no shadow falls between the mind's clarity and the body's feral suppleness--whiffs and salt-stings of his Greek or North Sea islands, grace notes of "huffle" and "humpenscrump of the waves," and no shadow falls, too, on the sharp-focused sentences where it becomes possible to write, one day, "this deliciously strange feeling that time is nothing, or is my friend rather than my enemy.
Now, MSP Bill Butler is calling for Owen's face to grace notes in time for the UN Year of the Co-operative in 2012.
In terms of Kerouac's gnostic influences, Grace notes that "Kerouac .
Step inside the 1905 Edwardian town house of two top executives at Williams-Sonoma and see how they've updated it while preserving its grace notes, such as the master bedroom's green marble fireplace and a pair of bookshelves tucked into arching coves.
Here again, Obama avoided the easy grace notes and told people some hard truths.
Fingered ornaments such as grace notes, double grace notes, rolls, cuts--what Ennis called 'clips', used to articulate consecutive notes of the same pitch--and, for the instrument's bottom D, crans, can all be executed, as Pat Mitchell explains, on a continuous sounding instrument, such as 'pastoral pipes', along with slides up to pitch produced by the sideways movement of a finger across the tone hole.
I want the field to have wild times and grace notes, fallow dreams.
His next novel, Grace Notes (1997), received lavish praise from reviewers, was short-listed for the Booker, and indeed is a small masterpiece.
He then paused to introduce soprano Monica Yunus, who provided the evening's grace notes, starting with an aria from Charles Gounod's "Romeo et Juliette.