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an embellishing note usually written in smaller size

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Addressed to Dana Gioia "upon his taking a public office," the poem could have been a satirical epistle (of which Grace Notes has none), since it employs the plain or conversational style of that form to state the issue.
He will add to his extensive list of publications a book about Sandvik and Gaelic grace notes in the near future.
Grace Notes is a collection of verse by over 70 First Things contributors during the journal's first 20 years.
In terms of Kerouac's gnostic influences, Grace notes that "Kerouac .
Step inside the 1905 Edwardian town house of two top executives at Williams-Sonoma and see how they've updated it while preserving its grace notes, such as the master bedroom's green marble fireplace and a pair of bookshelves tucked into arching coves.
The voice is given many slides, grace notes, ornaments, and short melismatic passages, as well as some spoken lines.
Fingered ornaments such as grace notes, double grace notes, rolls, cuts--what Ennis called 'clips', used to articulate consecutive notes of the same pitch--and, for the instrument's bottom D, crans, can all be executed, as Pat Mitchell explains, on a continuous sounding instrument, such as 'pastoral pipes', along with slides up to pitch produced by the sideways movement of a finger across the tone hole.
I met Anna Sara Claps, the tiniest of grace notes in life's raucous score, just three days after she was born.
I want the field to have wild times and grace notes, fallow dreams.
His next novel, Grace Notes (1997), received lavish praise from reviewers, was short-listed for the Booker, and indeed is a small masterpiece.
The proportion of polemics to poetry may be too high for some, but Sissako's screed is full of grace notes, delicate observation, plangent pageantry.
Gensler Associates collaborated on the 32 floors of offices and, since 80 per cent of the staff are women, they employed grace notes like the glass-laminated fabric walls in the lift lobbies, alongside exposed structural beams.
GRACE NOTES Journeying with the Primate, 1995-2004 by Michael Peers ABC Publishing, 2005
Kroeger provides no guidance as to how grace notes in mm.
It wasn't until the now-46-year-old former sporting goods company director met pop megastar George Michael 10 years ago--they've been together ever since--that Goss started to hit all the art world grace notes.