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a bar attached parallel to a wall to provide a handgrip for steadying yourself

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Many people think of grab bars for the shower and bathtub, but consider putting one near the toilet, too.
Similarly, the purpose of carefully selected, ligature-resistant clothing bars, grab bars, or shelves can be defeated if they are installed with fasteners that fail to offer an adequate degree of tamper resistance.
It is possible to fasten grab bars directly to drywall, but ordinary hollow-wall fasteners won't give a firm enough grip if, for example, a 150-pound person suddenly slips and grabs the bar for support.
The goal was to make sure the grab bar was in reach of the person using the commode.
For example, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets standards for grab bars and wheelchair-turning space in public bathrooms, but those standards are not necessarily ideal for your own private bathroom.
Grab bars are a sensible addition to any home but not all walls were built with the necessary reinforcement to install them.
Grants could be used for modifications such as building wheelchair ramps or installing bathroom grab bars.
Two collections of Americans With Disabilities Act-compliant grab bars match faucets and accessories produced by Moen (Creative Specialties' parent company).
Home Care[R] by Moen[R] has introduced SecureMount[TM] grab bars for bathroom safety.
Projects for aging-in-place remodeling vary from the installation of shower grab bars or adjustments of countertop heights to private elevators and first-floor master suites.
Dietz, a civil litigation attorney in Coral Gables emphasizing disability discrimination law and other civil rights violations, made the Miami Herald when he headed a project to widen doorways, install bathroom grab bars, and buy accessible appliances for a wheelchair-bound woman who couldn't maneuver around her own apartment.
Safety features include an automatic park brake, a wide rear-view mirror, a slip-resistant floor mat and convenient grab bars.
That means wide doorways; strong chairs without arm rests; swimming pools that require just a few steps to enter; king- and queen-sized beds; and extra-large bathrooms with grab bars and higher toilets.
It was stated that grab bars in accessible cells do not pose any more of a suicide or security risk than other cell features, such as cell bar grilles, bed frames and heating and ventilation outlets.