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a commissioned officer (especially one in the Royal Air Force) equivalent in rank to a colonel in the army

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Although not prepared to talk about the details of the RAF's strikes on Baghdad, Gp Capt Collins said there was relief when every crew returned last night.
Gp Capt Collins added: "This type of system gives us a very accurate way of assessing the missions.
Tamgha-i-Imtiaz (Military) was awarded to Gp Capt Farooq Zamir Afridi GD (P), Gp Capt Umer Farooq Chaudhary GD (P), Gp Capt Mujahid Hussain GD (P), Gp Capt Hakim Raza GD (P), Wg Cdr Shahryar Khan GD (P), WG Cdr Sajjad Noori GD (P), Wg Cdr Asim Rashid Malik Engg, Wg Cdr Amir Raza Engg, Wg Cdr Ghulam Shabbir Engg, Wg Cdr Sajjad Anjum Log, Wg Cdr Umar Naeem Zahoor AD, Gp Capt Muhammad Saif-Ul-Islam A&SD and Gp Capt Aijaz Hussain Khan A&SD.
They are being sold on behalf of Gp Capt Whittaker's younger brother Anthony and will be auctioned at Spink on April 30.
Commanding officer Gp Capt Nick Gordon says the expansion is still to go ahead.