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Spanish painter well known for his portraits and for his satires (1746-1828)

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Argentinian 22-year-old Tano Goya is gradually blossoming
Twenty-seven years later, Muller related a figure in a Goya drawing with a Robert son character.
The aristocratic Marquesa chose to be portrayed in the costume of a maja--the street punk look of the period--which gave Goya ample opportunity to paint dazzling gold embroidery on her sleeves, a transparent mantilla, and nifty pink silk slippers, but neither these delectations nor the painter's rapid, fluent brushstrokes soften the impact of that hard little face, the "don't mess with me" effect.
Had the illness carried him off, Goya would be known to history primarily, if at all, as a minor master of the Spanish Rococo--a painter of cartoons for the Royal Tapestry Factory at Santa Barbara, under the supervision of the Neoclassicist Anton Mengs.
Goya was born in the village of Fuendetodos near Zaragoza, in northern Spain, the son of an altar gilder.
2) ``Los Caprichos'' comprises 80 prints created by Goya, including this one.
Laurent Matheron, Goya's first biographer, was given an account of his working methods by Antonio Brugada, the young Spanish artist who helped to look after the aged Goya in Bordeaux.
Murillo, his contemporary, did much to formalize this humanizing approach through a remarkable series of genre paintings, but it was Goya who first matched Velazquez's skill at handling this subject.
John Galandak, president of CIANJ, noted, "The knowledge and insights contributed by Medina; Dennis Bone, president of Verizon; Robert Unanue, president of Goya Foods Inc.
IF YOU have an appreciation for the work of the great Spanish artist Francisco de Goya, who chronicled his country's bloody fight for independence, then Milos Forman's sweeping drama might take your fancy.
The plot meanders around the Spanish Inquisition and Napoleon when the title suggests we should be gripped by Goya (1746 -1828).
Just as a photojournalist of today takes pictures of the story being covered, Goya took his sketchbook and captured the atrocities of the invasion.
Controversial art duo Jake and Dinos Chapman dismissed accusations of vandalism yesterday as they unveiled a further series of 80 first edition Goya prints which they have painted and drawn over.
Yuji Goya, a former employee of Mizuho Capital Markets Corp.
Madriani is comforted by Acosta's request that former prosecutor Lenore Goya be lead counsel.