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a governor of high rank

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In contrast to Crown acquiescence to avoid constitutional crises (as held by those in the school of Constitutional Peace), the sort of broad discretion suggested here gives more authority to Governors General than many might assume based on Canadian and Commonwealth practice.
As detailed above, Hogg suggests that Governors General must consider the specific circumstances of each case in order to assess the best political outcome.
Governors General themselves have contributed to this dialogue of confusion.
In Canada, a prime minister has never been dismissed; nor have governors general ever denied prorogation or commanded the summoning of Parliament without prime ministerial advice.
Chapters 3 to 8 deal in a competent and sequential manner with the influence of these five successive governors general on Canada's constitutional evolution and governance during the period 1847-78.
really a commission to Governors General, transferred to them the duty
If there is a convention that governors general normally accept the advice of prime ministers in exercising their legal powers in relation to parliament, there must be a convention or principle that enables us to identify those "most exceptional circumstance" when the governor general would be constitutionally correct to reject the prime minister's advice.
The Ahmadi-nejad Administration has sacked three provincial governors general whom fired Interior Minister Mostafa Pur-Mohammadi had reportedly protected.
Also, other governors general who did not wear a C.
Canada's first five governors general never challenged their roles as ceremonial figureheads; not until 1926 when Lord Byng refused Prime Minister Mackenzie King's request for dissolution did the monarch's representative challenge the constitutional convention that the governor general accept the prime minister's advice while his government still held the formal confidence of the House of Commons.
It seems that our governors general are now to be chosen for their race, sex, and affiliation with broadcasting.
Since 1952, with Vincent Massey's appointment, Canadian Governors General have all been Canadian citizens and, as such, part of the internal, Canadian, system of constitutional checks and balances.
Since that time, the squadron has been active at various occasions of state and have escorted the Queen, the Queen Mother, a number of governors generals and lieutenant-governors.