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United States diplomat and jurist who negotiated peace treaties with Britain and served as the first chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1745-1829)


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Louis, a move that Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said would add up to 700 jobs in the region in coming years.
Louis suburb of 21,000 with an African-American majority and an overwhelmingly white police department and town council -- prompting Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to briefly call in the National Guard to quell protests.
The celebration will include remarks from Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and Governor Jay Inslee.
Late in the evening on September 10, the Missouri legislature overrode Governor Jay Nixon's veto of two very important pro-life bills and one line item veto of a budget increase for Missouri's Alternatives to Abortion Program
9 shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, in a case that Governor Jay Nixon vowed would be treated as a "vigorous prosecution.
Governor Jay Nixon, who had declared a state of emergency for the town on Saturday and ordered the streets cleared for a curfew that ran from midnight to 5 a.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon cancelled the curfew which was introduced in Ferguson last weekend, ITAR-TASS reported.
Missouri governor Jay Nixon said a civil rights investigation of the shooting was being stepped up but the state would not allow looters to endanger the community.
In an executive order signed after midnight, Governor Jay Nixon said he was dispatching the U.
Missouri governor Jay Nixon said yesterday that though many protesters were making themselves heard peacefully, the state would not allow looters to endanger the community of Ferguson, where 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot in a street.
Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency in Ferguson, Missouri, where Michael Brown, 18, was shot.
Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx joined Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and Illinois Governor Pat Quinn for the recent opening of the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge on I-70 over the Mississippi River.
A bill to repeal the death penalty in New Hampshire is heading toward a final vote, and Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced in February that he was suspending all executions for the duration of his time in office.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon established the "Show-Me Heroes" program in January 2010 to connect military veterans with job opportunities as they return home from service.
Governor Jay Nixon has said that insurance companies in Missouri would be allowed to continue with cancelled insurance plans.
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