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British admiral

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the Court have apparently been actuated by a consideration for the circumstances of impropriety and oppression which, by the evidence of the proceedings, appear to have so strongly marked the conduct of Governor Bligh in the administration of the high office with which he was entrusted by his Majesty.
At all events, a month after Macarthur had returned to the colony Captain Townson received a letter dated 8 July 1805 from Edward Cook, Under-Secretary of State, informing him that Lord Camden would allow him 2,000 acres in New South Wales with other indulgences and that on his arrival Governor Bligh would have orders to locate the land.
Paterson finally returned to Sydney in January 1809, assuming control as Lieutenant-Governor and placing Governor Bligh under arrest before accepting Bligh's agreement to sail for England.
The background introduces such historic events as the arrest of Governor Bligh, the rebellion at Vinegar Hill, the whaling and seal trade in Van Dieman's Land and Macquarie Island and the treatment of the Aboriginal population.
Lemcke's coverage of events leading up to the deposition of Governor Bligh on the twentieth anniversary of the landing of the First Fleet is also well summarised.
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