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a security issued by United States government agencies or the Farm Credit System

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ECFA has nearly 1,000 member organizations, and many members give priority consideration to government-backed securities for funds that are not needed for operational purposes.
With a sweep account, the money each night is invested in government-backed securities which are redeemed in the morning, typically earning several times the interest rate available on checking accounts.
Government-backed securities and highly liquid commercial paper and corporate obligations.
9 billion (not included in the current budget), which FINSAC expects to raise through long term arrangements, including equity security in the financed companies and issuance of special Government-backed securities.
That was in accordance with a West Virginia statute that requires municipalities to invest in government-backed securities should they play the market.
During a recent investigation of 27 Street firms dealing in government-backed securities, 18 admitted to lying in an attempt to comer larger slices of the market.
The difference in exposure driven by the collateral type reflects our belief that government-backed securities would benefit from "a flight to quality" and gain in value, as evidenced during the financial crisis.
Sweep accounts, where the money is invested nightly in government-backed securities, typically pay 3.
In addition, TDS had $121 million invested in government-backed securities that were considered long-term investments.
Delta Life and Annuity maintains a unique product design which is supported predominantly by government-backed securities," according to Larry G.
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