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Landstar's Government Transportation Services delivers safe, secure, and reliable specialized transportation logistics services and supply chain solutions for government agencies worldwide.
It is a great day for SDDC," said Dave Larson, vice president, of Landstar's Government Transportation Services, of Springfield, Va.
Even the minister's CTA Review Panel said government transportation policy should be driven by market forces and that regulatory intervention should be a very last resort.
It was on the Web page and easy to do," said Ashlyn Neil, Landstar Office Manager of Government Transportation Services, who coordinated the test.
TRAC provides government transportation authorities with continual real-time comprehensive data for accurate traffic planning and precise traffic management.
Hall will be developing military and government transportation for his new employer.
These markets include commercial building automation, high level security/access control and fire alarms, as well as commercial and government transportation and aircraft control systems.
StarView's customers include CLECs, ILECs, ISPs, cellular and PCS operators as well as government transportation, energy and pubic safety organizations.
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