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Synonyms for subsidy

Synonyms for subsidy

something, as a gift, granted for a definite purpose

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a grant paid by a government to an enterprise that benefits the public

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Secondly, it's a high- cost affair to conduct Nationals till we get government subsidy.
Looking ahead, the official said production in September and thereafter could face a downturn as exports to China may further slow amid heightening anti-Japan sentiment in the country over a territorial dispute, as well as the end of the government subsidy program.
Since the leasing firm retained the ownership of the cogeneration system, it obtained the government subsidy.
Grand Central points out that it will get no government subsidy.
Chapters document takeovers, government subsidy, and the individuals who fostered railroad changes.
Animal health and welfare minister Ben Bradshaw said: "Today's news should not come as any great surprise to farmers as our intention to cut the Government subsidy has been in the public domain and on the Defra website since the scheme started towards the end of 2004.
The supervisor remains concerned about the ultimate costs to taxpayers and would like to see the government subsidy quantified,'' said Antonovich's planning deputy, Paul Novak.
That figure is too high to be fully covered by a government subsidy, which makes Rockport's technology more attractive, he says.
A Fed economic study concluded that the value of Fannie and Freddie's government subsidy was between $119 billion and $164 billion, far higher than earlier estimates by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO); that between 42 percent and 81 percent of the companies' market value is attributable to their government subsidy; and that the benefit homebuyers derived from this subsidy was only seven basis points--less than a third of previous estimates.
The remaining number, about 10,000--or 673 units a year--would have to be produced with the help of government subsidy.
Concluded Lynn, "The history of religion in America is a story of voluntary giving, not a chronicle of government subsidy.
7 million yen in government subsidy earmarked for fiscal 2001 to reassess Japan's medical guidance system.
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