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Synonyms for subsidy

Synonyms for subsidy

something, as a gift, granted for a definite purpose

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a grant paid by a government to an enterprise that benefits the public

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The European Commission is expected to decide in the autumn, whether the government subsidies to the air carrier could be justified under EU rules banning subsidization of state owned enterprises.
Plans to lift government subsidies on diesel, which would result in increased prices at the pump, were frozen on Tuesday after MPs threatened to stage a second walkout in two weeks in protest.
He expressed satisfaction at both sides' agreement on the importance of re-directing the government subsidies so that they exclusively benefit Bahraini citizens.
On Tuesday, Parliament's website quoted parliament member Azam Salah as saying that the Ministry of Finance and International Planning signed an agreement with donors in Washington this past March to remove government subsidies for fuel as a condition for international financial assistance.
Government subsidies for the private sector institutions, in its various forms, was one of the most important factors, the state provided to facilitate development plans and assist in the progress of the state and its citizens.
The US tariffs are intended to offset Chinese government subsidies with Titan Wind Energy and related companies hit with a 26 per cent preliminary duty.
A prominent opponent of government subsidies for higher education, he is the author of Going Broke by Degree: Why College Costs Too Much (AEI Press).
For low-income households, the amount includes government subsidies.
CARS of the future will be electric-powered and in the showrooms faster than many people realise - depending on Government subsidies.
Summary: Government subsidies discourage responsible stewardship of Qatar's natural resources, opponents contend
Trade Representative Ron Kirk claiming Canada should be considered in violation of WTO obligations because the Canadian cattle and beef sectors receive government subsidies.
With the help of government subsidies the women are successfully engaged in the jobs.
However, the Bush administration reversed course last year and announced it would treat China in the same way as other countries in disputes involving government subsidies.
63 billion yen in government subsidies for 22 projects related to a natural gas-fired cogeneration system over the past 10 years.
Travis's dad doesn't understand the ins and outs of the international trade policies and government subsidies that are changing the economics of farming, but he does see that large corporate farmers are taking over (see graphs, above).
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