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a security issued by United States government agencies or the Farm Credit System

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The bank would interface with FICC and act as the processing agent for the government securities transactions of its sponsored mutual fund clients.
Overdrafts are, however, also caused by payments of banks and their customers that arise from transfers of government securities via Fedwire as well as from non-Fedwire transactions such as automated clearinghouse (ACH) payments, checks, and other payment activity posted directly to depository institution accounts at the Federal Reserve.
Peter Carney brings a broad-based, intimate knowledge of the government securities market," Leuzzi said.
On the closing of the Merger, all assets of Intermediate Trust will be transferred to Government Securities Fund and, in exchange, Government Securities Fund will assume all liabilities of Intermediate Trust and will deliver to Intermediate Trust, for distribution to Intermediate Trust shareholders, Class M shares of Government Securities Fund having a net asset value equal to the value of the assets transferred less the liabilities assumed, as described more fully in the prospectus/proxy statement for the Merger.
Government securities or agency issues covered by any such agreement are not repurchased by the dealer pursuant to the agreement or a renewal thereof, they shall be sold in the market or transferred to the System Open Market Account; and provided further that in the event bankers acceptances covered by any such agreement are not repurchased by the seller, they shall continue to be held by the Federal Reserve Bank or shall be sold in the open market.
His leadership experience in the government securities marketplace will be a great asset to our board.
Government Securities Clearing Corporation, established in 1986, provides centralized clearance and settlement services to over 70 interdealer brokers, dealers and clearing banks for treasury bills, bonds and notes, STRIPS and non-mortgaged-backed agency securities.
This retrenchment process has involved reducing loan growth, investing in government securities, cutting expenses to enhance earnings, retaining a larger portion of these earnings, and issuing new equity to bolster depleted capital bases.
The proposed reorganization involves the transfer of all the assets of the Intermediate Trust to the Government Securities Fund, in exchange for class M shares of the Government Securities Fund.
Government securities transactions executed by the institutional side into FICC's settling process.
My statement this morning will discuss the market surveillance activities of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the overall subject of the official oversight and regulation of the government securities market.
The upgrade of BBVA Colombia's local currency and individual ratings reflect the positive evolution in the bank's performance and asset quality over the past two years, as well as the lower risk profile of its government securities portfolio.
Government Securities Portfolio, with a total ten-year annualized return of 8.
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