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a bond that is an IOU of the United States Treasury

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The funding was part of Scottish Government investment of more than Au12 million over three financial years to 2014/15, specifically to reduce IVF waiting times.
The confirmation of PS73m in EU funding this week along with substantial Welsh Government investment will cover a range of traditional and non-traditional areas including construction, engineering, IT and retail.
It is also estimated that this Government investment will generate at least PS100m of additional investment from local partners and the private sector.
The Government investment includes PS20m from the regional growth fund for a new manufacturing advisory service to help the UK supply chain become more competitive.
Government investment in the prisons must be sustainable and long term, with expansion plans for the exploding prison population - we cannot afford to throw away these chances in securing a North Wales prison.
Communities are built by individuals and families but central government investment can do much to aid their efforts, especially during a recession.
Local government investment pools may provide safes liquidity, and yield.
The Bank of South Carolina Corporation, the parent company of The Bank of South Carolina, elected to opt out of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) because its financial health does not necessitate any government investment.
THE West Midlands is at the heart of a pounds 100 million government investment programme to accelerate the introduction of low carbon vehicles on to Britain's roads.
to examine new information on the economic and public health benefits of local government investment in municipal water and sewer infrastructure and services.
To this end, Thompson advocated more direct government investment in affordable housing.
Errington realizes his group needs to present a good business case showing the sustainability of new tourism development to justify further government investment in rail infrastructure.
At the same time, government investment in rail increased from pounds 3.
Time magazine's Daren Fonda reported that Inchcape Shipping Services, a firm recently purchased by a government investment firm based in Dubai, is now "responsible for providing all logistics requirements of U.
An Indian government investment panel has cleared Air India's acquisition of up to 68 Boeing aircraft.
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