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Computer Security Solutions (CompSec) is a woman-owned, small business that specializes in providing the US Government Intelligence Community and their contractors with Security Solutions ranging from Enterprise Software to TEMPEST hardware and video conferencing systems.
the world's leading provider of software products and services to protect digital assets, and Computer Security Solutions (CompSec), a leading Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of security solutions, have partnered to provide the Cloakware Server Password Manager (CSPM) solution and Cloakware Security Suite to government intelligence community customers.
In addition, BUSINTEL could provide orientation courses for government intelligence agents that would help them understand what kind of business information is most useful.
Consideration should be given to creating a quasi-private company, similar to COMSAT, that can bridge the gap between the private sector and the government intelligence community.
Most disturbing of those trends is the growing involvement in corporate spying of government intelligence agents from nations we consider to be allies.
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