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The government handout is targeted at reducing the number of people fit for discharge who are still occupying the beds, and to free up more beds for emergency admissions over the winter.
If they did, the Los Angeles City Council, led by Laura Chick, would not choose to be the foot soldiers of socialized medicine in the march toward national managed health care - they would choose to protect the freedom to prosper without the benefit of a government handout.
The Government handout will mean the Durham force can finally close the door having to deal with lost and stray dogs in Derwentside.
8 million government handout to improve education in the country.
WARRINGTON could lose a pounds 595, 000 government handout to improve the street scene in one of the most rundown areas of the town, the borough council has been warned.
Businesses with less than 50 employees could be in line for a Government handout of up to pounds 825 if they file their PAYE returns using the internet, according to Midlands business advisers BDO Stoy Hayward.
The government handout is targeted at cutting down on the number of people who are fit for discharge but are still occupying beds, and to free up more beds for emergency admissions over the winter.
Kay has gone from a Pounds Sterling 40 a week government handout to the Times list of the country's wealthiest 1000 people.
A BIRMINGHAM project to help victims of rape and sexual violence has received a pounds 30,000 Government handout.
The move comes days after the company lost its bid for a pounds 606m US government handout.
Road improvements to a junction on one of the region's busiest motorways were given the green light yesterday with a Government handout of pounds 57 million.
Many are reduced to claiming Working Family Tax Credits - the government handout to support those on LOW incomes
A SCHOOL in Rugby is sharing in a pounds 180,000 government handout to improve out-of-hours care for its pupils.
Costing more than pounds 2million a year, it has taken the lion's share of a dwindling Government handout for Gaelic broadcasting.
Liberals'' today are a collection of special-interest groups, each of which pushes for ``progress'' on its own terms, usually in the form of a government handout.
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