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right granted by law or contract (especially a right to benefits)

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uk found that one in four OAPs are failing to claim the Government entitlement, which guarantees them an income of at least pounds 109.
Rivlin sees the current economic turmoil as a welcome opportunity to "fix" government entitlement programs, including Social Security.
Pension credits, a Government entitlement for those aged 60 and over, guarantee weekly income of at least pounds 119.
If you listen to CNN or Bloomberg News, you realize all veterans should beware of government entitlement commissions.
You've seen it often: Elected officials stand in front of a battery of microphones talking about how they intend to pare excess costs from government entitlement programs by eliminating "waste, fraud and abuse.
Should one spouse require nursing home care and the other spouse does not have the financial means to pay for this level of care and there are no long-term care insurance benefits available, government entitlement programs may be necessary so that the nondisabled spouse is not left financially devastated.
It is modeled after the The Permanent Republican Committee of Sore Losers to Impeach Clinton that believed the Presidency is a government entitlement program for Republicans and are still really steamed by the impertinent election of Bill Clinton.
As with the Permanent Republican Committee of Sore Losers to Impeach Clinton, who believe the presidency is their own government entitlement program and are still steamed by the impertinent election of Bill Clinton, the aim of PSCTIB[TM] is simple: dogged, nagging contrarianism.
If you have MS, it pays to know the basics about health insurance and about government entitlement programs so you can successfully protect your own interests.
During the nine months she received a monthly payment from Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), the government entitlement check that most people associate with welfare, she was able to count out $268.
With the looming challenge of the 76 million baby boomers retiring at a pace of 10,000 per day, government entitlement programs will become even more strained than they are today.
The massive cost of government entitlement programs and the cost of their own employee compensation and benefits are hidden from taxpayers.
Whatever happens, neither lawmakers nor the Administration will be able to duck solvency issues confronting Government entitlement programs much longer.
Perhaps because they're too wedded to government entitlement programs that the tax cuts might jeopardize.
This would allow them to become eligible for Medicaid--the government entitlement program that provides health care funds to financially strapped people.
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