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the debt of the national government (as distinguished from the debts of individuals and businesses and political subdivisions)

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4 billion in government debt in April 2014 after a 2.
In the euro area, the government debt to GDP ratio increased from 90.
Citigroup Inc (NYSE:C) has recommended that all foreign government debt be excluded from the purview of the Volcker rule.
According to Eurostat, the ratios of government debt to GDP at the end of the third quarter of 2011 in Euro-zone states ware: Greece 159.
This was preceded by a Moody's downgrade of Japanese government debt (to Aa1) in November, explained by specific reference to the increasing debt level.
The focus of this publication is to provide comprehensive quantitative information on marketable central government debt instruments.
Seventy percent of Bulgariaas government debt was denominated in euro at the end of last year, 20% was denominated in levs and 8.
Compared with the third quarter of 2012, the government debt to GDP ratio rose in both the euro area (from 90.
The benefits of our liability management program have allowed us to notch General Government Debt at only 38.
According to the bank, China's local government debt is likely to be higher than the CNY10.
The cost of protecting Greek government debt against default rose on Thursday after data showed Greece's economy shrank by a bigger-than-expected 1.
The outstanding balance of Japan's central government debt stood at 860.
As a result, the market for German short-term government debt is tiny.
Macroeconomic stability remains well anchored, underpinned by low inflation, a strengthening exchange rate, and fiscal policies consistent with stable government debt burden.
Bulgariaas government debt amounted to EUR 9A 597,7 million as of end-November, according to Finance Ministry data.
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