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Synonyms for censorship



Synonyms for censorship

counterintelligence achieved by banning or deleting any information of value to the enemy

deleting parts of publications or correspondence or theatrical performances

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How Government Censorship Distorts and Destroys Information
This Essay explains why government censorship of culture is not "prudent," to use Professor George's terminology, (5) because it cannot be contained within the bounds that George and Bork would like to confine it.
At the time government censorship meant such raids were not to be highlighted by the media.
British and Irish broadcasters refused to screen the episode when it came out in 1990, leading to accusations of government censorship.
Citizen Lab, which is based at the University of Toronto's Munk Centre for International Studies, has developed a tool called psiphon, which is reportedly able to circumvent government censorship of the web.
And it's at a great cost: their activities are aiding and abetting government censorship rather than challenging it.
announced in mid-April the hiring of the PR firm of Porter Novelli to help it burnish an image tarnished by cooperation with Chinese government censorship.
It's more like they purposely wanted to keep the movie - which, after all, touches on such dark subjects as spousal abuse, gang rape and government censorship - psychologically superficial.
Discussion questions accompany the article, including topics that link the visual arts to cultural values and trends, for example: "Can government censorship of art or ideas ever be a positive social value?
Not least among those liberties were the rights to publish newspapers, magazines, and books--or create sculptures and paintings--free of government censorship.
Because the importance and value of free expression extend far beyond the First Amendment's limit on government censorship, acts of private censorship are not spared consideration for the dubious honor of receiving a Muzzle.
Add to this the fact that television stations have refused to air Saving Private Ryan for fear of being fined by the FCC and it isn't so shocking that half of American high school students are perfectly comfortable with government censorship of the media.
He meets an ambitious young war correspondent, determined to evade Government censorship and expose the horrors of trench life as he sees it.
But now I realise that it's the same old government censorship which has stood, like the reaper, breathing over every written word in Northern Ireland for a generation.
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