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Synonyms for government

Synonyms for government

the continuous exercise of authority over a political unit

a system by which a political unit is controlled

authoritative control over the affairs of others

Synonyms for government

(government) the system or form by which a community or other political unit is governed

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The visits revealed the existence of 19 administrative offences, as a number of violations have been discovered in terms of surplus employees on the organisational structures of government bodies," said the report.
There were several inconsistencies between information provided by local government bodies and lobbyist disclosure reports filed with the Secretary of State.
Abolish 138 government bodies; Consolidate 15 government bodies into existing government departments; Transfer two bodies out of the Commonwealth; Merge 26 bodies (for a net reduction of 20), while five will consolidate their back offices with shared service centres or supporting departments.
The Committee added that all service ministries and government bodies that their financial resources partially rely on revenues and fees have been directed to facilitate the collection procedures for individuals and companies willing to pay the outstanding amounts, such as electricity and water services.
Fortunately, we have received response from government bodies which is a good sign, but those who did not co-operate with us will have their names mentioned in our report that will be submitted to His Majesty King Hamad," said Dr Al Deerazi.
The system will also act as a unified platform for interaction between all government bodies and the public.
The Ministry of Finance also said that System obliges government bodies interested in implementing projects to set precise specifications and conditions in accordance with the project's actual needs.
Participants in the workshop were briefed on the e-purchasing and tendering processes of federal government bodies and sources of updated information on government purchases.
The Prime Minister urged that priority be given to work groups, formed by a Cabinet decision at ministries and government bodies, to assume their tasks within their responsibilities.
A good number of these coveted property are likely to become guesthouses for government bodies or public sector undertakings ( PSUs) if the Delhi Development Authority ( DDA) goes ahead with a formula it is devising.
would allow government bodies to open their sessions with "any expressions.
Government bodies can disclose certain types of personal information about a third party with his or her written permission.
The commission can and should promptly adopt the very same disclosure provisions that govern other government bodies.
The new foundation has already produced a searchable database of more than 7,000 media stories about spam, has incorporated The Suespammers Project legal resource into the site; has collected a library of statistics, studies and articles to help comanies and government bodies develop policies on email; and has created e-mail discussion groups about spam and e-mail markting issues.
Nanotechnology in Scandinavia 2007 describes the latest activity in government bodies, research centres, universities and companies.
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