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a security issued by United States government agencies or the Farm Credit System

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Merkel canceled several government obligations and a trip to the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, to start consulting with her coalition's leaders on finding a new president, to be elected June 30.
For the investments that have a readily determinable market price, the auditor can check the market value by using various market listings that show the last bid price of stocks and bonds and government obligations.
Another frightening aspect of this growing problem is the enormous unfunded government obligations extending many years into the future.
6) Underwriting and dealing in government obligations and money market instruments that state member banks may underwrite or deal in under 12 U.
FICO issued bonds not backed by full faith and credit, with interest and issuance costs borne through assessments against FSLIC-insured S&Ls and principal supported by FICO's purchases (from its capital) of zero-coupon government obligations.
Treasury and government obligations, the fund ratings may also be sensitive to adverse changes in U.
The review on the three regional banks and two financial institutions will center on the government's diminishing support capacity as well as the relative risk of the banks' credits vis-a-vis that of the Japanese government obligations, the agency said.
5) Underwriting and dealing in government obligations and money market instruments in which state member banks may underwrite and deal under 12 U.
government obligations are issued at a discount and redeemed at face value at maturity.
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