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a government policy for maintaining economic growth and tax revenues

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Two Princeton professors discuss the standard topics of micro- and macroeconomics along with their implications for major aspects of government economic policy.
TOKYO - A key government economic policy panel plans to draw up the fiscal 2008 budget compilation policy in late November, economic and fiscal policy minister Hiroko Ota said Monday.
Six people were killed and at least 20 wounded in the Dominican Republic yesterday when violence erupted during a one-day strike to protest against government economic policy.
The National People's Congress finance committee said the Chinese economy is likely to maintain its growth momentum and the government economic policy in the second half of the year should focus on expanding employment and farmers income.
Alliance chairman Julian Burrell said: ``If the trade is to be recognised as a major earner and employer for the UK economy then it is vital that we inform and influence Government economic policy at all levels.
The current dominant paradigm influencing academic thought and government economic policy, neoclassical economics, focuses on the market forces that effect economic exchange.
The vice president who manages the economy is a humble man in his forties, a medical doctor known for patiently explaining the logic of government economic policy on TV and radio.
But will Mr Blair, Mr Brown and Mr Mandelson change Government economic policy when these indicators produce adverse results?
Environmental activists may save dolphins by harassing Starkist Tuna--dolphins, after all, are objects of universal human affection--but public outrage is not so easily harnessed to the dense task of rewriting federal regulations or the difficult class issues embedded in government economic policy.
Background: In the next few weeks, Pope Benedict XVI is expected to release an encyclical, or official papal statement, about social and economic justice, with implied praise and criticism of contemporary business ethics and government economic policy.
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