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an independent agency of the United States government that protects the interests of small businesses and ensures that they receive a fair share of government contracts


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Here are some benefits of how Get the Cheese, Avoid the Traps: An Interactive Guide to Government Contracting can garner the reader immediate results:
Waymire is particularly concerned about the loss of government contracting opportunities for minority-owned businesses.
Current Hot Issues: Government contracting reform, accounting implications of pension reform, "commercial item" recognition.
Any step that can make the government contracting process more open and transparent is a move toward greater accountability," said Assemblyman Joseph Egan (D-Middlesex).
Increasing the use of Performance-based Services Acquisitions (PBSA) to 40 percent of eligible service actions over $25,000, during fiscal year 2005, is the target achievement level for all federal government contracting offices procuring services (Office of Management and Budget [OMB], 2004).
The Masters Institute in Government Contracting ($1350)
AGU is a perfect fit due to its laser-like focus on providing professional development opportunities to the government acquisition, contracting and project management workforce," said Lawrence Hamm, president of UCG's Business and Finance Group, owner of the Government Contracting Institute.
This has been an issue of great concern to the business community, including foundries, since the standards for compliance were broad and vague and would have authorized government contracting officers with unrestricted discretion to decide who could compete for the government's business.
The eSeries includes the references "Administration of Government Contracts," "Formation of Government Contracts" and "Cost-Reimbursement Contracting," as well as two other related resources "Government Contracts Reference Book" and "Acronyms and Abbreviations in Government Contracting.
The three new proposals would affect CPAs in industry and public practice who work in the government contracting industry.
CSC (NYSE: CSC) has been ranked for the second year in a row as a top Corporate Citizen in Government Contracting by Corporate Responsibility (CR) Magazine.
com), announced today that Melinda Adamczyk has joined the organization as Program Manager for the Government Contracting Institute (http://www.
Ten to 15 years ago, Congress and the federal government took every opportunity to entice the private sector into doing business with federal agencies by changing the rules for government contracting to more closely approach those for commercial contracts.
James Nagle's How to Review Federal Government Solicitations and Contracts and Research Federal Contract Law brings the changes that have taken place in the sometimes arcane world of federal government contracting into focus.
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