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The last major consolidation of the Municipal Government Act took place in 1995, after nearly 10 years of review.
The Open Government Act sets out to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act with provisions that will include closing current FOIA loopholes, preventing new ones and restoring meaningful deadlines for agency action on FOIA requests.
They are discussing whether the Local Government Act was working and hearing presentations from experts and academics.
During the hearing, the petitioner's counsel arguing before the court submitted that the government had amended section 13 of the Local government Act.
After the cabinet meeting while informing the Journalists after the Cabinet decision Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Information and Higher Education Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani while talking with journalists said that the Cabinet has decide to amendment in Local Government Act 2013 and Ihtesab Commission 2014 , adding that issue of driving license rules were also changed.
THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE SECTION 123(2A) OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1972 NOTICE is hereby given that the Council of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne intends to dispose of a piece of land comprising approximately 28.
NEATH PORT TALBOT COUNTY BOROUGH COUNCIL NOTICE UNDER SECTION 123(1) (2A) OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1972 LAND AT BAGLAN PARK, BAGLAN, PORT TALBOT Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council intends to sell an area of land at Baglan Park, Baglan, Port Talbot which said land currently forms part of an open space.
This is the latest project to be supported by the UK Guarantees scheme where the UK government act as a loan guarantor to major infrastructure investments.
LHC single bench comprises of Justice Ameenuddin Khan hearing the petition seeking early local bodies elections and amendment in Punjab Local Government Act.
He also supported keeping Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988, which banned local authorities from promoting homosexuality.
Using a provision of the Local Government Act 1972, local supporters of the UK Independence Party have exercised the right of the parish of East Stoke, near Ware-ham, Dorset, to hold the poll.
The Openness Promotes Effectiveness in our National (OPEN) Government Act of 2005, S.
Two years ago the Scottish Parliament scrapped Section 28 of the 1988 Local Government Act forbidding the promotion of homosexuality by local authorities, but the law is still in operation in Wales and England.
CARDIFF council is seeking applications from members of the public to be considered as independent members of the Cabinet Audit Committee, following new arrangements under the Local Government Act 2000.
She faces a pounds 1,000 fine or six months in jail, or both, under the Local Government Act 1972 for her failure to appear.
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