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  • verb

Synonyms for govern

Synonyms for govern

to have charge of (the affairs of others)

to exercise the authority of a sovereign

to keep the mechanical operation of (a device) within proper parameters

to exercise authority or influence over

Synonyms for govern

bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage

direct or strongly influence the behavior of

Related Words

exercise authority over

require to be in a certain grammatical case, voice, or mood

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In spite of all this, a significant margin of governability was maintained, considering that the country not only experienced a change in party, but of an entire political system.
Continued macroeconomic stability and/or an easing of social tensions which results in improved governability would also benefit Bolivia's credit fundamentals.
Lula only said, and he said it to Folha de Sao Paulo, the standard-bearer of the media accusers, "I fear that the summary rite of the resignations and Dilma's temperament will threaten governability and isolate the president.
Opening papers review the crisis of neoliberalism as it relates to debt burdens, issues of democratic governability, social security crisis in Panama, and social protest in Argentina.
He has shown himself to be open and all the conditions for governability are in place.
Ortega said the PRD would accept a debate on one of three dates: May 30, June 6, or June 13, and only if the issues involve governability and social development.
The challenge for the new government and other members of the political system is to define, construct and mediate agreements for a new institutional culture that guarantees governability, responds to social demands and achieves wider political support.
Calderon's narrow victory margin, and the post-electoral conflict, there are three key political issues that President-elect Calderon would have to address: uniting the country behind him, as the election result points to the increased polarization in the country; securing governability by marginalizing the civil resistant movement stirred by Mr.
Crucial as it is for the president-elect and the general governability of the country, indications are that the electorate is unaware of the stakes and is dangerously disinterested.
We often opt for the concept that conflict is news," said Ealy, one of several panelists in a four-day forum to examine democracy and governability.
The recent events do, admittedly, generate uncertainty, but they do not jeopardize the nation's governability.
Fitch expects any challenge to the election outcome to be resolved constitutionally and without threatening governability, despite heightening social tensions.
Ungar said that, if Santos "does not energetically tackle corruption, governability will be seriously undermined, not only because corruption affects quality of life but also because it threatens the legitimacy and credibility of institutions, which are the pillars of any democracy.
The constitutional reforms, which are a reality, a legitimate fact, generated a crisis of governability between the Asamblea Nacional and the executive," said Ortega.
The administration is instead promoting issues that place the governability of the country at risk.