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Synonyms for government

Synonyms for government

the continuous exercise of authority over a political unit

a system by which a political unit is controlled

authoritative control over the affairs of others

Synonyms for government

(government) the system or form by which a community or other political unit is governed

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In 2007, the society and the Assembly of First Nations filed a complaint to the Canadian Human Righrs Connission alleging that the federal goverment was racially discrininating against First Nations children by providing less child welfare benefirs on reserves.
Saudi goverment prepared a Project to solve this problem and first line will finish in 2010 it will give big convenience to pilgrims" Al Baar Noted.
Ideal central downtown location ,near numorous business offices,local goverment offices,and condos.
Future ideas could be: Only Muttawas as stewards, salesmen, goverment officers, securitymen, doctors, engineers, accountants and even husbands.
The leaders of these bodies or goverment officials must provide this information when requested.
The decision comes after the goverment announced it was one of 28 plants across the country that would close, citing a growing preference to employ disabled people in mainstream jobs.
Most of of these people will vote this goverment in again at the next election and even more of the middle class indigenous population will move abroad in despair.
The goverment approved the medicinal products themselves last year.
The Beijing goverment has joined the international efforts to fight spam, by adopting the London Action Plan on Spam Enforcement Collaboration.
When mysterious emails anonymously sent by HANNIBAL warn of a conspiracy to take control of American goverment, she joins forces with an astronaut in her quest to derail a terrorist plot that could slaughter tens of thousands and spread devastation.
According to many commentators the motivation of the goverment is based on these concerns and interests:
The inquiry aims to give answers to the sequence of events which led to the suicide of weapons expert David Kelly, who challenged a goverment dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.
The goverment itself has, as yet, not introduced any bill.
Cummins and Lilliston provide logical retorts to the arguments that companies and goverment hold forth to support the advancement of genetic engineering.
The Goverment must really dig deep and put some financial backing into creating stars for the future.