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United States statesman who led the committee that produced the final draft of the United States Constitution (1752-1816)


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And indeed, Washington was capable of lasting friendship even with the cosmopolitan Gouverneur Morris, a man twenty years his junior with no military background and who sported something close to the opposite of Washington's reserved behavior.
This is consistent with the explanation James Wilson gave to Gouverneur Morris at the Convention: that the Exceptions Clause includes the power to limit the court's appellate jurisdiction over civil and common law, and also includes the power to limit the court's appellate .
In 1887 a young Teddy Roosevelt penned an appreciation of the life of his fellow New York pol, die founding father Gouverneur Morris.
GOUVERNEUR MORRIS is one of the unsung heroes of the American Revolution, although he was neither wholly general, orator, nor political philosopher.
Alexander Hamilton, probably the most well-known King's College alumnus, was a key figure in the Revolutionary War and the founding of the nation; John Jay, who along with Hamilton and non-Columbian James Madison authored The Federalist Papers, was the nation's first chief justice; Gouverneur Morris drafted the Constitution; Robert R.
In Gentleman Revolutionary, Richard Brookhiser, who has written the biographies of several other founding fathers, has produced a life of Gouverneur Morris, a little-regarded founder of whom most Americans have probably never heard, yet who, in a sense, personified both strains of thought.
As the story goes, Gouverneur Morris of New York asserted that he could be as familiar with General Washington as with any other intimate acquaintance.
1) Some, like Gouverneur Morris of Pennsylvania, argued against impeachment: "Besides, who Is to impeach?
Gouverneur Morris of Pennsylvania opposed giving Congress the power to emit bills of credit, and he moved to strike the phrase authorizing it.
Klein, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, is the Gouverneur Morris Professor of History, Columbia University.
McClurg 's motion was supported by Gouverneur Morris, who at the same time indicated that "he was indifferent how the Executive should be chosen, provided he held his place by this tenure.
The primary architects and defenders of the document were grandiose universalists who believed, as Gouverneur Morris told the Constitutional Convention, that they "came here as .
Constitution, Gouverneur Morris used his legendary wit, eloquence, and insight to make many other contributions to liberty.
Adams opens and concludes his account with a dinner party at Jefferson's home in the rue de Berri on September 17, 1789, where, in the midst of the developing French Revolution, Jefferson bids farewell to his friends, the Marquis de Condorcet, Gouverneur Morris, the Marquis de Lafayette, and the Duke de la Rochefoucauld.
If the citizens of this country sometimes speak of the nation's Founding Fathers, they do so by analogy: They do not trace their genetic or biological lineage to Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Gouverneur Morris, John Jay, James Madison, and the like.