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United States paleontologist and popularizer of science (1941-2002)

United States financier who gained control of the Erie Canal and who caused a financial panic in 1869 when he attempted to corner the gold market (1836-1892)


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How did Mr Goulding manage to preside over an organisation which had [euro]12million in reserve and yet refused to provide some of the service necessary to its clients?
Goulding, of Pittsburgh, executive director of National Dance Week, told her about an NDW-sponsored program that matches dance students with professionals willing to give them advice.
The IRS said Goulding was a "preparer" of the schedules K-1 and assessed penalties against him for negligent preparation of the K-1s (under the prior-law version of IRC section 6694).
Attorney Randall Goulding, Managing Director of The Nutmeg Group, stated: "Before we even made the allegations both in the Complaint and issued in the Press Release of February 6, 2006, we tendered both items to Mr.
I had a phone call last week from the White House inquiring about Dance Week's dates," Goulding said, and while President Clinton has yet to issue an Oval Office proclamation officially recognizing Dance Week, Goulding said that officials were showing considerably more interest than last year.
In spite of denials by the Super League champions at the weekend, Great Britain ace Goulding said: "I won't keep the fans in the dark any more.
The suit further alleges that Goulding then threatened to go public with information he knew to be false, inaccurate, misleading and/or confidential, or he would sue Tropical and its officers and directors individually unless they signed a "death spiral" agreement.
Wayne Hill Water Resources Center project has shown us that Bentley plant solutions provide a valuable approach for Jordan, Jones & Goulding.
Our investment and ongoing commitment is prompted by our extreme optimism about the outlook for The Company's products and its capacity to ramp up its production to meet the growing demand," said The Nutmeg Group's Managing Director, Randall Goulding.
ARTiSAN Software Tools, a global leader for UML-based real-time software modeling tools, announced today at the Embedded Systems Show here that Jeremy Goulding has joined ARTiSAN as Vice-President of International Sales, directing international sales operations from the company's European headquarters in Cheltenham, UK.