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a Russian prison camp for political prisoners

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L'URSS n'incarnait plus l'espoir messianique d'un nouveau monde, mais il devient de plus en plus associe aux termes de goulag, brutalites, invasions.
Isto e o que testemunham os diversos campos e goulag do seculo passado.
Orthodox and Catholic priests, Protestant ministers, were killed in the Goulags.
His evenhandedness thus stands out in comparison with the intellectuals who combated capitalist imperialism (represented by the United States) in all its forms all while defending the dialectical forces for "Peace" and "Progress" (represented by the Soviet Union and its satellites), and so vilified all (in particular David Rousset and Margaret Beuber-Neumann) who spoke out against Stalin's goulags and deportations (Todorov, Memoire 105-24, 161-72).
Ce sont aussi des revoltes contre l'autoritarisme et cette terrible transformation de l'utopie communiste en une dictature implacable qui a etouffe dans les goulags les reves d'autonomie du sujet.