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United States printer noted for designing typefaces (1865-1947)

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Goudy is in the process of redesigning The Potter's House Website to make it more user friendly.
The former variables were found by Goudy (1990) to be positively related to community attachment and suggested by Ladewig and McCann (1980) to also have a positive influence on community satisfaction.
Goudy, in 1885 that "his professional income has been higher than that of any other lawyer in the State, his legal fees being over forty thousand dollars per annum.
But for Shaun Renaud and Joanna Goudy the exact opposite happened.
Among typefaces are Goudy (body copy), Univers (captions), Oblong, Mekanik, Glypha, and Bodoni.
Both books had the same designer (Chiquita Babb), but the typefaces are different (Palatino and Goudy Old Style).
Scott Goudy and Walt Clarke, partners at MedThink Communications, accepted the Triangle Business Journal's 2010 Fast 50 Award on Nov.
The SHFM Scholarship Showdown, a student culinary competition culminated with a $5,000 scholarship for the final winner, Jerod Goudy.
Standing inside the surprisingly well-lit sanctuary of the 1880 Gothic Revival building, Goudy points to the Lenten banners as a symbol of how Central has changed.
This broad definition encompasses feelings of belonging, sense of community, as well as measures of community embeddedness (Davidson and Cotter 1989; Goudy 1990; Ravanera et al.
Instrumentalists are Annalisa Morton, oboe; Laura Zaerr, harp; Dave Goudy, cello; and Julia Brown, organ.
Chintin resident Helen Goudy described abandoning her house as flames licked the walls and running 20 metres to a neighbour's dam with her children aged 2, 4 and 7.
Caption: Researchers Bruce Mate (right) and Al Goudy prepare to tag a blue whale off Costa Rica.
These include Baskerville, Bell MT, Book Antiqua, Calisto MT, Century Schoolbook, Garamond, Goudy Old Style, Helvetica, and Palatino.
With Mr Guy Goudy continuing as Chief Executive Officer and executive director, Austin Exploration's leadership will combine the financial experience, technology expertise and deal-making acumen needed to drive the Company's development.