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myth about the ultimate destruction of the gods in a battle with evil

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But Germany's Nazis chose Gotterdamerung for themselves and their people.
He has made costumes for Dr Who, for the National Theatre's original production of Amadeus, for Barbara Windsor in Calamity Jane and for Gotterdamerung in Bayreuth.
Unpolished prose, sometimes quite ungrammatical syntax, and literally dozens of egregious misspellings on the order of Gotterdamerung, Rhode, Aldabert von Chamisso, and Parilpomena bespeak a cynical indifference to the task at hand.
He managed to get Berlioz's The Trojans into the repertoire and to present Wagner's Gotterdamerung.
Perhaps David Hartman should adopt a similar reserve before engaging in the Gotterdamerung scenario presented in this stimulating and disturbing volume.