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a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement

one of the Teutonic people who invaded the Roman Empire in the 3rd to 5th centuries

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He said Goths are being given lease and no one is stopping this by occupying any land a Goth is established in the name of any feudal and then this Goth is given leases.
Goths and those interested in alternative culture visit from all corners of the earth to enjoy a mixture of drinking, music, dancing, and shopping.
TWICE a year, as those who favour black lipstick and pale complexions will know, goths take over the North Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby, one of the locations in Dracula, Bram Stoker's novel which was published 120 years ago.
Today a prosperous Turkish city (Edirne) near the Greek and Bulgarian borders, Adrianople on that day almost, years ago was the site of one of the greatest and most decisive battles in all of human history, a conflict that ran its course quickly in the hot, parched countryside, and left tens of thousands of men --most of them the flower of the Eastern Roman imperial military, including the Roman emperor himself--dead on the field, while the comparatively small army of Goths and Alans rode triumphantly over the terrain, giving no quarter to the wounded and dying, slaying officer and foot soldier alike.
Teenagers who identify themselves as goths - characterised by dark clothes, black eyeliner and alienation from mass culture - are three times more likely to be clinically depressed by the age of 18.
Salahuddin said that there will be several Chanesar Goths and Lyaris in Karachi if it was left unattended.
They also expressed resolve to provide maximum facilities to the people living in the Goths (villages) in Gaddap and Malir towns.
This is Australia in the 1980s, a haven for goths and loners, where a coming-of-age story can only veer into a murder mystery.
Fraser said: "I recently read that abuse towards goths, punks and anyone else associated with alternative culture is now considered a hate crime in Manchester and Leeds.
Goths really are lovely people", says Sue Mullen, aka the Fairy Goth Mother, who helps her daughter Peggy to run Huddersfield's only shop aimed at members of the Goth community.
10) The dark visual style of Goths joined the frightening and the pitiable together in an even more dramatic way.
It's not so much a scene as it is small pockets" of goths, said Jim Doyle of Brattleboro, Vt.
Interviews with goths in the US and Europe shed light on the culture's own media, such as fanzines and other print and nonprint publications.
The town's 34 goths lack basic civic facilities and women are compelled to fetch water from distant watercourses.