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a romance that deals with desolate and mysterious and grotesque events

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At the beginning of Mary Castillo's 2012 modern gothic romance Lost in the Light, present-day, working-class, Mexican American1 police detective Dori Orihuela is at a low ebb in her life.
In Walpole's British Gothic romance, the usurpation of the family estate and the chaos that ensues take place on Italian soil in a distant medieval past, making the material of the work less political and more moral in its Biblical message about the "sins of the father.
Del Toro likes to describe to the film as a "ghost story and gothic romance.
The Gothic Romance from Guillermo del Toro proved too niche for mainstream crowds, falling flat with a $12.
DIRECTOR Guillermo del Toro, who conjured the dark, brooding fairytale Pan's Labyrinth, flirts with madness and twisted desire in this visually opulent gothic romance.
Yet del Toro does not consider "Crimson Peak" a horror film--he repeatedly refers to it as a gothic romance.
A fantastical blend of Jane Eyre's Gothic romance, and Robert Louis Stevenson's unfettered sense of adventure, Zafon's cinematic writing style conjures up a rich, ethereal landscape and imagery that is nothing short of magic.
Recommended for mature readers, "Darker Edge of Desire: Gothic Tales of Romance" is an impressive anthology of gifted writers who have mastered the dark gothic romance fantasy genre.
Even harder to "ingest and digest" is Emmanuel Palo's visually compelling but emotionally barren "Halik sa Hangin"an undercooked fusion of gothic romance and horror drama that is more annoying than terrifying.
8220;If you are a devotee of Jane Austen, the Bronte Sisters, and gothic romance novels, you will love 'After Midnight.
Set in 19th century Cumbria, "Crimson Peak" also stars Mia Wasikowska who plays gothic romance author Edith Cushing who discovered that her husband is not what he appears to be.
In a Godwinian way, then, history begins to look like romance-- specifically, Gothic romance.
Between chapters 3 and 4, Albright jumps across thirty-three years--from 1826 (The Last Man) to 1859 (Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White)--noting that his goal is to trace a dialectical relationship between Gothic romance and sensation fiction (17-18) as well as between the Burkean and Darwinian models of generational transmission that these narrative modes engage, and not to chart a movement from the one to the other.
Lauren Kate's gothic romance, with a touch of horror, 'Fallen' series reaches a fifth and final book with Rapture (12) as Luce and her Daniel are faced with a greater threat than ever, a curse, a possibility of nullifying erasure and a battle with the dark forces: Corgi, 6.
The tone veers between lightweight gothic romance and camped-up silliness.