Gothic architecture

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a style of architecture developed in northern France that spread throughout Europe between the 12th and 16th centuries

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A couple with a love of gothic architecture plan to use their budget of pounds 400,000 to build a house inspired by the Addams Family, complete with a stained glass window and a stone fireplace.
A couple with a love of gothic architecture plan to use their buget of EUR400,000 inspired by the Addams Family, complete with a stained glass window and a stone fireplace.
Jo and Shaun Bennett indulge their passion for gothic architecture and horror movies when they decide to build an Addams Family-style house.
While it is no business of mine (and certainly beyond my competence) to emulate Erwin Panofsky, whose influential 1957 essay Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism develops an elaborate homology between the structure of the scholastic summa and that of the Gothic cathedral, another striking suggestion of his will have its place in a later stage of my argument.
It's a stunning example of exquisite Gothic architecture and twice the size of its namesake, the Notre Dame in Paris.
Mr Partridge, who has an office in Hearsall Lane and is a former city and regional chairman of the RIBA, added: "You only have to look at Victorian Gothic architecture to see how things change.
Barcelona's delights with its amazing Gothic architecture, shopping and excellent tapas bars is all yours for two nights with flights from pounds 301 staying just off the famous Ramblas.
First, the students were introduced to the concept of installation art, followed by a filmstrip and presentation on Romanesque and Gothic architecture.
In the absence of the theosophical triprych Evolution, the great Composition in Line (1917) - originally exhibited with two smaller paintings flanking it, as in a devotional triptych - functioned as a surrogate iconoclastic altarpiece in black and white; and in the room devoted to what the wall label (by Harry Cooper) deftly describes as "arboreal Cubism," Goethe's vision of Gothic architecture emerging from a nave of trees was revived.
But if Panofsky's Abbot Suger is arguably too close to Renaissance to be truly emblematic of the Gothic, Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism remains an unambiguous celebration of an era.
Barcelona and Northern Spain" - A 13-day tour exploring the classic gothic architecture throughout the region's Spanish towns and the open quads in Barcelona; plus the tapas foods and wines, plus colorful dancing and arts exhibits.
The storied restarant has been restored to its original 1930s size and certain historic facades of the building, including its Victorian Gothic architecture, have been restored.
The city's major landmarks are Lincoln Cathedral, a fine example of English Gothic architecture, and Lincoln Castle, an 11th-century Norman castle.
BEWITCHING BOUDOIR INDULGE in a bespoke four-poster Gothic Gazebo bed with a metal canopy and crown centrepiece, inspired by the designs of Pugin, master of Gothic architecture.
Its stone-upon-stone, handcrafted Gothic architecture took 83 years, from 1907 to 1990, to complete.