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a style of architecture developed in northern France that spread throughout Europe between the 12th and 16th centuries

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The Exeter book acts as a microcosm of Carter's work: in it, we can see evidence of the quality of the draughtsmanship and the engraving, Carter's advocacy of the English origins of Gothic architecture, and the need for preserving medieval monuments, demonstrating the book's significance and value as a vivid example of Carter's work.
In the 19th century Augustus Pugin, the eminent English architect and Catholic convert, made this remarkable claim: Gothic architecture is Christian architecture.
Contract notice: Continuation of the restoration works of the walls and vaults of the first floor galleries bishop~s castle in lidzbark - restoration work in the framework of the project conservation and restoration of the fourteenth-century castle in lidzbark - pearl of gothic architecture in poland - the second stage of the co-financed from the maintenance and revitalization of heritage cultural in support of norwegian funds granted under the eea and funds from iceland, liechtenstein and norway, and national resources.
Julien Macdonald cited gothic architecture as the inspiration for his new collection which features a dazzling display of metals, sheer fabrics and even feathers.
DESCRIPTION: Located in popular Midtown Nashville on 10 acres of beautiful grounds complete with historic gothic architecture.
The historic building provided a perfect backdrop for Julien's heavenly creatures, with its Gothic architecture, elaborate carvings and towering stained glass windows.
The castle-like school with its Gothic architecture is long gone, but it's a special spot still.
2 NOTRE DAME DE PARIS, Paris NOTRE DAME DE PARIS is widely considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture in Europe.
Of the Romanian historical provinces of Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania that constitute the bulk and backbone of modern Romania, the latter is by far the richest in Gothic architecture, which makes sense historically as Transylvania was in the Middle Ages an eastern extension, albeit more or less autonomous, first of the Kingdom of Hungary, and later, until 1918, of Austria-Hungary.
He was also an authority on Gothic architecture and became the archivist and historian of the MacLeod clan.
The book will be of substantial interest to scholars who are interested in the most recent technologies and theories applied to medieval architecture, and more specifically to French and English Gothic architecture, as most texts concern the architecture of the twelfth to the fourteenth century in these two countries.
The house was of real Gothic architecture, built of rude stone with battlements'.
The building reflects Victorian Gothic architecture, the highlight of which is the eight-story glass atrium
described the ways in which gothic architecture, itself influenced by Islamic architecture, produced disorienting spatial effects through combinations of optical and spatial forms.
An impressive set, erected on the sprawling lawns of the Governor House with the Gothic architecture in the background, an early summer evening, mesmerising music of Robin Gosh compositions of the yesteryear, melodious voices of the singers, medleys and an enthralled audience all blended into the making of a grand PTV show, to be telecast on May 11, to pay tribute to the legends of Pakistan Silver screen Shabnam and Robin Gosh.