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a style of architecture developed in northern France that spread throughout Europe between the 12th and 16th centuries

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What we seem to know though is that, similarly to the construction of gothic cathedrals, large coordinated effort is likely to yield spectacular results.
In contradistinction to the Gothic cathedrals, these churches were deemed to be close to the land.
It was completed in 1601 after 400 years and now stands as one of the finest Gothic cathedrals in Europe.
The sharp contrast between the grandeur and geometric orderliness of Gothic cathedrals and the numerous arresting grotesques that populate their space (e.
According to the researchers, the coming century will see iconic limestone structures like the Empire State Building, the Pentagon, and the gothic cathedrals of Europe and the US turn yellow, reddish-brown, and even green with lichen and moss.
Paris is not only 'The City of Lights', it is also a city of some of the world's most fabulous art museums, galleries, and other architectural displays of memorable artists, architects, artisans and their works ranging from gothic cathedrals to public airports.
As a New Yorker, I wouldn't mind seeing something rise at Ground Zero that looked less like Krypton and a good deal more like Art Deco, the style that gave New York City three of its other most spectacular building sites: the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and, perhaps most beautiful, the Chrysler Building, with its gargoyle-sized Chrysler hood ornaments that link the grandeur of gothic cathedrals to the future of American manufacturing without irony or apology.
Similar labyrinths were built in a number of French Gothic Cathedrals, but unfortunately all of these were destroyed in the 18th Century.
England's Great Cathedrals -From Durham to York, London to Bath, many of the country's finest cities cities are graced with some of the finest Gothic Cathedrals Europe has to offer, not to mention some of the most picturesque city centres.
Il comandante della luce in perlustrazione (The Commander of Light on Patrol; all works 2004) recalls those vertical sculptures in Gothic cathedrals that were elongated to compensate for being viewed from below, and it greeted the visitor with a strongly ambiguous charge.
In their grace, slenderness and technical ingenuity they are a modern version of the flying masonry of Gothic cathedrals.
THERE cannot be many people alive today who were given guided tours by the architect of one of the world's greatest gothic cathedrals.
Many of them are in great Gothic cathedrals, like Chartres, France, often in the crypts.
Some of the most beautiful and architecturally complex windows are those of gothic cathedrals.
The sculpture is inspired by Gothic cathedrals and Islamic architecture and took 5,000 hours to build.