Gothic architecture

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a style of architecture developed in northern France that spread throughout Europe between the 12th and 16th centuries

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TOWERING GLORY: Life in Palma revolves around the Gothic cathedral
The stunt is said to have taken place as worshippers gathered at the gothic Cathedral to celebrate Mass on Thursday.
Then back up the Canal Du Midi, past Port Cassafieres, and up to Beziers, with its gothic cathedral and superb views over the Languedoc region.
Try to visit the early Gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame at Laon, a medieval city perched on a mountain, offering spectacular views.
The seafront around Palma's historic Gothic cathedral has been sensitively restored to create a series of landscaped promenades.
Admittedly its dark Breton granite is not the most joyful of materials, but the attempt to recreate wholesale a city quarter has resulted in a fabric as lifeless as a Gothic cathedral after being scraped by a Victorian knighted architect.
Its historic core is spread over the eastern slope of the Onyar river and around a fine Gothic cathedral.
Detail of St Peter's Boat, by Antoni Gaudi, stained-glass window for the restored Gothic cathedral in Palma, Majorca, completed in 1903.
Elton celebrated his 60th with 300 friends with a lavish pounds 300,000 party at St John The Divine gothic cathedral in New York's Harlem.
One by one inside Milan's great Gothic cathedral, the aged Italian women in bristling wool suits approached a bronze crown of thorns welded to an iron grate.
The Gothic Cathedral as the Heavenly Jerusalem: Liturgical and Theological Sources.
John the Divine, a sprawling church in upper Manhattan touted as the world's largest Gothic cathedral.
Or, to take another example, we cannot rank a Gothic cathedral with the Taj Mahal.
The Monet painting, a part of what many scholars believe to be the artist's most accomplished series, uses thick paint and broken brushstrokes to suggest the physical dimensions of this gothic cathedral and its complex architectural details -- all illuminated with a magical combination of light and shade, much like the Johns sculpture.
Highlights include the Dutch town of Arnhem, Germany's mighty city of Cologne with its famous gothic cathedral, the beautiful city of Strasbourg in the Alsace region of France and the captivating Swiss city of Basel.