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a port in southwestern Sweden

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Gothenburg is a centre for global trade and is the location of Scandinavia's largest port.
Many colleagues were able to attend the course in Gothenburg, some of whom have never participated in an international IAML congress, convincing evidence of the value of belonging to the International Association.
Adecco Group is a Fortune 500 global HR company that partners with many major companies in Sweden and will handle the recruiting and payroll of the temporary staff working at APM Terminals Gothenburg.
While Gothenburg are looking to push up into the top half of the table, Halmstad are battling to stave off relegation.
Sodra Anggarden has been identified as a prioritised development area in Gothenburg, given its attractive location south of central Gothenburg.
FACTFILE Nicole | Gallagher visited Gothenburg as a guest of bmi regional, who operate six daily flights a week from Birmingham to Gothenburg, with fares starting from PS82 one-way, including complimentary food and drinks onboard, and a 20kg hold baggage allowance.
Scandinavia's largest shopping centre, Nordstan, is located in central Gothenburg.
For those who enjoy gastronomical delights, Gothenburg will provide a mouthwatering explosion for your tastebuds.
For those of us who work with these issues, it's a good example of the Gothenburg spirit of working together for positive results," says Stefan Johansson who himself runs Naas Slott country hotel.
Establishing a clinic in Gothenburg is said to be a natural step in the expansion of the company's gastro business as there are only a small number of private care providers there, the company said.
Volvo AB (NASDAQ: VOLV) (STO: VOLVA) (STO: VOLVB), a Sweden-based automaker, has received orders for 25 hybrid buses from Gothenburg Sparvagar, which operates public transport services on behalf of Vasttrafik.
But historic Gothenburg doesn't have to try too hard.
The city's largest production space, Gothenburg Studios, formed less than four years ago as an equipment-rental company, has morphed into a 107,000 square-foot production facility.
Washington, Feb 23 (ANI): A new study from the University of Gothenburg has shown that there is a strong link between climate and air pollution.
Since that time, Gothenburg has evolved into a hustle-and-bustle European cultural hub.