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a port in southwestern Sweden

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Center of Visualization Goteborg is an organization for stimulating growth in the field of digital visualization.
We have continuously adopted new technologies that improve energy delivery while contributing towards the development of a sustainable society, such as the world's first CO2-free vehicle factory we're creating with Volvo," said Tomas Arnewid, Goteborg Energi AB's project manager.
Cypriote Archaeology in Goteborg: Papers Presented at a Symposium on Cypriote Archaeology held in Goteborg 20 May 1998.
Adopted at the age of three by a young Swedish couple from Goteborg, he was taught to cook traditional Swedish food by his grandmother and received a more formal education at the Culinary Institute in Goteborg.
Goteborg, Sweden: The UNESCO International Clearinghouse on Children and Violence on the Screen at Nordicom/Goteborg University, 2000.
A Davis Cup gone wrong in so many ways for the Americans ended with one final indignity in Goteborg, Sweden.
The Volvo Group is a publicly-held company headquartered in Goteborg, Sweden.
ISTANBUL, Jun 16, 2009 (TUR) -- Turkey's flag carrier Turkish Airlines, or THY, will launch flights to Sweden's Goteborg, the company said on Tuesday.
Last fall, Joakim Larsson of Goteborg University in Sweden found that a used contraceptive patch can, if flushed down the toilet, shed estrogen into rivers that accept effluent from sewage-treatment facilities (SN: 10/19/02, p.
GCI's Goteborg, Sweden office, the largest public relations consultancy in Western Sweden, will lead the account, tapping its regional and global network to provide a fully integrated strategic communications offering.
As the city bus of the future undergoes testing in Goteborg, passenger wishes are in firm focus.
Malmberg and Edwards are with the University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, USA; Jonsson is with STFI in Stockholm Sweden; Theliander is with CTH in Goteborg, Sweden, and Saltin is with Solvina AB in Goteborg.