Gota Canal

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a canal for small oceangoing ships to enter Lake Vanern in Sweden

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Together with the Trollhatte Canal, the 190km-long Gota Canal connects Stockholm and Gothenburg by water.
Today, the Gota Canal offers tourists the chance to step back in time and witness a great engineering achievement and, of course, enjoy scenery that can be summed up in one word - idyllic.
The cruise takes passengers along the tranquil Gota Canal, a scenic waterway including rivers, lakes and a lot of locks, between Gothenburg and Stockholm aboard a historic vessel.
SeaEurope Holidays has signed an agreement to represent the Gota Canal Steamship Company, a Gothenburg, Sweden-based company.
He produced the first book in English on Asplund, and was as devoted to the Gota Canal, which beautifully cuts across low forested southern Sweden, as he was to the Thames and its tributaries.
And a trip between them on one of the historic Gota Canal boats takes you through the real, unseen and totally unspoilt Swedish countryside.
Summer is the perfect time to cruise through Sweden's green, flower-filled pastures and The Gota Canal Steamship Company operates classic trips through the heart of the country in leisurely fashion.